Four Miles of Sparrows

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November 6, 2013
By Adam White

This morning driving to work at 06:30 AM, I saw four miles of sparrows.

The birds are in a column as wide as the highway, chirping and weaving along above the road. The trees covering the highway have dropped all their leaves. The morning air is cold and the early winter sky is grey. Suddenly I first notice along the horizon, a one-mile long, dark line above the highway. I saw the moving line is actually created with millions of dark, flying dots—countless sparrows along the highway. When I came over the hill, I could then see the northern side; a two-mile long line of busy sparrows flying to the north.

I turned south on the road, and continued to drive underneath them. I drove for another mile to the office, and once I got to the parking lot entrance, I saw there was still another mile to the south of more small birds. All in one long continuous dotted line, moving and weaving.

The line was longer than four miles, but I couldn’t see where it began and I couldn’t see it’s ending. Just thousands of birds fly north. Strangely, I don’t know why they are flying north in the winter when they are supposed to be going south. When I got out of the car, the parade continued overhead. The air filled with chirping and the fluttering of wings.

The road is from Kennett Square, PA, to Elkton, MD, straighter than our hillside road in California, but in a forest that is leafless by now, in the early winter.

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