A Chinese Novel about Chinese Fighter Pilots; Three Observations (2)

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Party Committee is the Controlling Body
July 12, 2011
By Song White

There has been a long debate in China on whether the national defense should be under the control of the Party or under the control of the national administration. As far as I recall, the debate went back 30 years ago in the 1980’s. In Flying with You, a story about a group of Chinese fighter pilots in the early 2000’s, the Chinese military is under the Party’s control.

So, here is my second observation: the Party Committee appears to oversee the Chinese military.

As I mentioned, in Flying with You by Mr. Weigan Ma, Hao is the main hero in the book. He falls in love with Yun, a lady physician.

The initial instance that made Hao a hero was an accident towards the end of a practice. When returning to the ground, the jet’s right landing gear stopped working. The Colonel of the Wing, who was the commander on the ground at the time, granted Hao the permission to employ a parachute. Hoping to keep a clean and honorable record of his and his team, Hao chose to go with a forced landing and had a successful touchdown. The problem with the landing gear was caused by a mechanical malfunction—the landing gear’s wheel guard was locked by the rudder cover. Hao’s courage and competence won him a Three-Class Merit. The Merit was issued by the Wing’s Party Committee who is the final authority over, apparently, almost everything.

Throughout the book, the Political Commissar, who is appointed by the Party Committee, has a critical role in any non-operation issues. For example, when there is a spy alert around the airport, the Political Commissar is responsible for the investigation. In another example, when an argument between Hao and Yun impacted Hao’s performance, the Political Commissar has a talk with Hao. Having a talk with someone is considered to do the “mindset” work. Mindset work is also called political ideology work or ideological work. Many psychological issues fall into the ideology work category. The Political Commissar is seemingly playing a psychiatrist role when it happens.

The Party in China as well as in the book is the Chinese Communist Party. In the U.S., it’s hard to imagine the Democrat or the Republican Parties would set up parties’ committees in all the units at all levels within the U.S. defense; nor to say to appoint the party’s political commissars in each unit at all levels to oversee everything, including the personnel’s mindsets.

This is my second observation—the Chinese military force is under the leadership and the control of the Chinese Communist Party. The next observation is about the personalization of the Chinese fighter jets.

 The back cover of the novel, Flying with You《和你一起飞》(HENIYIQIFEI) by Weigan Ma, a story about the Chines fighter pilots in the early 2000’s.

The back cover of the novel, Flying with You《和你一起飞》(HENIYIQIFEI) by Weigan Ma, a story about the Chines fighter pilots in the early 2000’s.

Keywords: 关键词
The Party: (中国共产)党
Weigan Ma: 马维干
Flying with You: 《和你一起飞》(HENIYIQIFEI)
The Party Committee: (中国共产党)党委
Landing gear: 起落架
Wing: (飞行) 团
Colonel of the Wing: (飞行) 团长
Commander: 指挥员
Forced landing: 迫降
Touchdown: 降落
Wheel guard: 轮护板
Rudder cover: 舵门
Three-Class Merit: 三等功
Political Commissar: 政委
Political ideology work: 政治思想工作
Ideological work: 思想工作
Psychological: 心理上的
The Chinese Communist Party: 中国共产党
The Democrat Party: 民主党
The Republican Party: 共和党
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